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This week on Imperial Trouble…

Imperial Trouble Episode 75: The Sober Episode!


Bunny and Jason clean up their act and discuss the upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover, leading to a comparison between the two properties. A debate rages on whether Jason’s dog resembles Batman. Swear words in comic strips and the ultimate sci-fi crossover is also discussed. - This might be my favorite episode so far, partly because at one point I say “I’m 7’ tall, I’m 400 lbs., and I f-ing love Doctor Who.”

The Doctor Who Rembrandt

If this isn’t one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my entire life, I don’t know what is.

Via ShopGeekcetera:

This painting represents a very special labor of love that the chief geeks at have been scheming on for a few years now. For the past few years Bunny and Everett wanted to commission a series of oil paintings of themselves, and friends, except painted into various historically significant works of art. Egomaniacal? Absolutely. Cool idea? Completely. As it turns out, though, getting this done isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Also, it doesn’t sound all that simple.

After finding a brilliant painter to make a few of their insane dreams come true, Bunny had another crazy idea. What if we could do the same thing, but with characters from our favorite shows and movies?

The team immediately went to work, sourcing the right images and creating a series of composites and figure studies for the painter. Hundreds of hours and a dozen drafts later, the first of the 2012 painting series is ready for your viewing pleasure:

Sorry about the watermark. You know how it goes.

This painting is based on Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” featuring most of the major cast members of the last 6 Doctor Who series. The actual painting is over 3 feet wide, and two feet tall, and to say that it is stunning is an understatement.

I’m an oil painting now. Oil paintings are cool.

No one cares about poor old Mickey…

When the painter dropped it off, we all stood around the office in a mixture of silence and intermittent high fives. It is just beautiful. We have several more in the works, including a very cool Firefly inspired work, and several other works you know and love.

Sorry Martha and Donna… Except not you, Martha.

To celebrate, we’re releasing a limited edition run of one hundred 12” x 15” prints on a beautiful 9pt matte cardstock. Each is hand numbered,and suitable for framed or unframed display. Once these are gone, they are gone.

You’ll totally forget about The Silence when you aren’t looking at this.

We plan another run later this month, including a full scale print of the original. At only $19.99, we expect these to be gone within a day or two, so order now if you want one! Order this, plus any 2 items from and get free shipping on your whole order, while these supplies last. Click here to order at

What do you think? Did we nail it?

TEAM RORY shirts on Etsy. Poor old Mickey doesn’t get a shirt. 

TEAM RORY shirts on Etsy. Poor old Mickey doesn’t get a shirt.